Nada Deva (pronounced "nah-dah-DEH-vah")

Nada Deva (pronounced Nah-Dah-DEV-vah) is the Edmonton based dj/producer duo Francesco and Jen. Since 2003, they've been a staple in Alberta's underground electronic scene. Digging deep and dabbling in many genres, Nada Deva's sound has always been consistent with epic builds and bassy drops. 

Nada Deva started their career playing underground rugby hall parties in the early 2000s. With legendary crews: "G.O.M.P." (Grumpy Old Men Production) and "T.H.C." "Techno Hippy Crew". Which eventually evolved to Western Canada's Astral Harvest Music Festival. Throughout the years, they pioneered festival inspired events, that incorporated decor and live performer/artists, in local art spaces and live venues. Playing along side artists like Plump Djs, Marten Horger, Ski Tour and Longwalkshortdock. NYE 2015 they co-produced, a one of its kind sold-out theatrical electronic event, "One Night in Elysium" with writer Keith Wyatt. Writer of critically acclaimed play "Ecstasy - the play", based on best selling novel "Trainspotting".

Nada Deva have releases on, U.K. based artist Framewerk's label, "Capital Heaven" and have tracks on EA game's "Mass Effect: Andromedia" by BioWare. 

Nada Deva always delivers a versatile sound. Anywhere from a sweaty underground club, to an outdoor music festival, or loungey nu-disco vibes.